What's New

  • The winning 50/50 ticket for the amount $2760.00 on USA Night is 1254. Congratulations!
    Claim your ticket by identifying yourself to a GlobalFest Volunteer or head to the RE/MAX Main Stage!
  • Tonight, Zambelli Fireworks lit up the sky over GlobalFest as they displayed their imaginative and dazzling show “Chimera”. A day of rain, thunder, and hail gave way to a clear and beautiful evening for the USA’s pyromusical presentation! The American team’s show used fantasy, illusion, make-believe, and other fabrications of the human mind to engage the audience through their use of fireworks and whimsical musical selection. The designer responsible for crafting this show is Zach Taminosian.

  • Springfree Trampoline is at GlobalFest! You can have a test jump on the world’s safest trampoline and enter to win one of two Medium Oval Springfree Trampolines! Each prize is valued up to $1948. Enter at the Springfree Jump Zone in the Children’s Village presented by Shakers Fun Centre.

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