Human Rights Forum

2017 Globalfest Human Rights Forum

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The Human Rights Forum presented by UNAC Calgary has been offered since 2007 as part of GlobalFest's programming to promote diversity, cross cultural respect, and equality in our community. Our annual Human Rights Forum topics are structured around the UNESCO's Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination.

Recognized as an excellent platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and practical solutions necessary to address issues of racism and discrimination, the Human Rights Forum presented by UNAC Calgary encourages systemic change across the Canadian community in a positive and safe environment.


Schedules and speakers subject to change


Location: The Calgary Public Library – John Dutton Theatre, 616 Macleod Trail SE
Admission: Free – post event reception with light snacks.


Tuesday, August 8

Theme: The Indigenous Labor Force: Barriers and Paths to Success
Time: 4pm - 6pm

Indigenous youth are the largest and fastest growing demographic in Canada. It is predicted they will be the majority of Canada’s future workforce. There was a time in Canada’s history where First Nations were not allowed to attend University, they were not allowed to hire a lawyer and now it is possible to become a lawyer. Indigenous Peoples across Canada are getting degrees and starting their own businesses. This topic will explore the importance of education and the labor force.

Wednesday, August 9

Theme: Exploring Sustainable Solutions: Indigenous Resource Development and Asset Management
Time: 4pm - 6pm

Today throughout the world, access to natural resources is the uppermost priority in economic development. Globally Indigenous Communities, including the First Nations of Canada, are faced with having to make hard decisions regarding economic development and natural resources. The impact of development on human and ecological health as well as the socioeconomic benefits for First Nations are critical variables that need to be considered and in collaboration with First Nations communities. The capacity and infrastructure of First Nations’ financial management of natural resources and economic development must not be overlooked in deliberations of current and future developments.

Thursday, August 10

Theme: The Indigenous Offender: The Over-representation in Canada’s Correctional Facilities
Time: 4pm - 6pm

According to Statistics Canada, "the disproportionate number of Aboriginal people in custody (is) consistent across all provinces and territories and particularly true among female offenders. The high rates on incarceration for Indigenous Canadians is linked to many factors including discrimination, inter-generational trauma and historical mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. This topic explores the over-representation of Indigenous People.

Friday, August 11

Theme: Two Spirited: Exploring Gender Identity from an Indigenous Lens
Time: 4pm - 6pm

"Two-spirited" refers to a person who has both a masculine and a feminine spirit, and is used by some First Nations people to describe their sexual, gender and/or spiritual identity. All Walks of Life regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity have the right to enjoy their human rights. This topic looks at Gender Identity and LGBTQ Rights from an Indigenous perspective.

Saturday, August 12

Theme: The GlobalFest Indigenous Urban Arts Program: Seeking Reconciliation
Time: 11am - 1pm

2017 is the 8th year of the GlobalFest Urban Arts Program! Recently our team of urban artists embarked on a journey of collective learning and professional development to deliver empowering experiences in creative arts to the young people in our city. This year we are excited to focus on Seeking Reconciliation through a variety of artistic expressions such as music, dance, visual art and the spoken word – and in celebration of our Indigenous identity of living in the world of our ancestors and the contemporary world of mainstream society.

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