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  • (Calgary, AB – September 17, 2016) – On Saturday, September 17th, alongside representatives from renowned Calgary festivals, Afrikadey and Reggae Fest, GlobalFest Urban Arts Director, Rebecca Dawn, accepted the 2016 Obsidian Award for Community Impact at the Jubilee Auditorium on behalf of GlobalFest. GlobalFest programming was selected for positively impacting African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian communities on multiple levels: providing a family-friendly festival space at Elliston Park for the expression of African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian culture through music, dance, and food; highlighting local, national, and international issues of importance during their annual Human Rights Forum; providing paid training and meaningful work opportunities in music and the arts to artists while encouraging them to celebrate and share their stories of diversity and multiculturalism; and providing empowering arts-based experiences to youth at schools across Calgary for their Youth and Urban Arts Program. GlobalFest is proud and honoured to be recognized by such an amazing community!

    “Motivated by the principal of possibility, the Obsidian Awards holds a vision of a world in which our youth are empowered to realize their potential as global leaders, regardless of their respective circumstances. The overarching objective of the Obsidian Awards is to highlight the outstanding achievements of those who exemplify excellence within Alberta’s diverse cultural sector. Through social events and gatherings, we aim to reconnect generations within Alberta's diverse community— creating unity and fraternity amongst each other, and supporting our collective and unified culture's growth and contributions to society.” – ObsidianAwards.com, 2016.

    GlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary's cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities locally and across the globe. We are committed to producing an inclusive, world-class, multi-faceted arts and cultural festival that will enhance Alberta's reputation as a truly international destination.

    As a non-profit organization serving the community, every dollar that comes in is critical to the work we are doing – you can help. 
    GlobalFest is officially launching a crowd funding campaign to raise $150,000. As a non-profit organization, committed to building a stronger community, and these funds are crucial in helping us prosper through these challenging times and to continue to meet our mandate.
    To give back to our generous supporters who, donate $50 or more received by September 30, 2016, we’re going to offer one free ticket to next year’s Finale Night!
    GlobalFest sincerely thanks you for our continued patronage and support at this time.

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